Humanitarian cargo has been delivered to the border in the Rostov region
20 tons of drinking water were purchased with the collected donations from public and commercial organizations. A humanitarian cargo with food was delivered to a road checkpoint in the Rostov region on the border with the territory of Ukraine, located near the village of Vesely-Voznesenka. This is the first of the planned shipments of humanitarian goods. The Foundation plans to send several trucks with humanitarian cargo.
In early April, a "Humanitarian center" was organized to help citizens in need who suffered as a result of military operations on the territory of Ukraine, several public and commercial organizations made voluntary donations, fundraising continues.
During May, the foundation plans to send several more shipments of humanitarian aid to the road checkpoint. Based on the interaction with volunteers working in the camp of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a list of necessary products has been formed. The next shipments of humanitarian cargo will include hygiene products, disposable tableware, baby food, animal feed, wheelchairs and so on.
The Fund will continue to direct funds to help refugees from Ukraine seeking temporary asylum in the Rostov Region and Krasnodar Territory.
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