About Foundation

The NK Foundation is a charitable organization created to help vulnerable segments of the population, organize social projects and special humanitarian actions, as well as to support and develop an inclusive society in order to eliminate social barriers for people with disabilities by means of sports, culture and art.
Humanitarian Center for refugees
Our charity foundation creates humanitarian center for refugees from Ukraine.
Program of inclusive sport
Special Olympics
The foundation signed an agreement with Special Olympics Russia and became the official representative of the Special Olympics movement in Sochi. The project officially started by a unified football match that was held at the iconic Olympic stadium Fisht in Sochi.

One of the ways to involve disabled people in active social life and professional activity, in creating favorable conditions for their physical, psychological and social rehabilitation is physical culture, sports, and creative activities.

Project website: sokk.org
Program of inclusive theatre and art
The foundation represents the first inclusive performance in region 'Games Lord' with people with disabilities as actors.

The script was written by the participants themselves. The performance is dedicated to topics that excite everyone: the fight against vices and temptations, the place of family in human life and the power of love.
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